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The Charder HM202P Portable Stadiometer is lightweight and easy to transport, and features a wall mount to ensure stability and accuracy anywhere with a wall.

Easy to assemble, consisting of four sections and a large, stable floor plate Weighing less than 8 kg when packed in a carry bag with an MS61 series scale, traveling clinicians can easily perform height and the measures.

Product Specifications

Ability 20-205cm (7.9-80.7 inches)
Graduation 1mm (1/16 in.)
Dimensions General:
406 (width) x 585 (depth) x 2200 (height) mm
16.0 (W) x 23.0 (D) x 86.6 (H) inches
406 (width) x 365 (depth) mm
16.0 (width) x 14.4 (depth) inches
Device weight 4.9 kg

Product Functions

Compatible scales

MS6110, MS6111, MS6121R

Design features

  • Hull window allows easy height viewing.
  • Lightweight and portable, includes carrying case.
  • Ideal for traveling doctors or medical professionals.
  • Wall bracket ensures accurate and stable measurement

Optional Accessories