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DermoSensor Technology

The DermoSensor analysis system is made up of two key elements, an optical system that captures images and specially developed software.

The DermoSensor optics feature a high resolution 20x lens with a 5 MEGA pixel CMOS image sensor with optical zoom. It has 3 types of polarization of the light depending on the measurement that is activated automatically (VSL, XPL, UVL) that allows you to see the different layers of the skin.

Double hydration sensor integrated in the chamber itself.

The software uses a cloud-enabled multispectral image database and an advanced algorithm with proprietary image processing software.

AI-powered: Unique image storage cloud analysis system uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms for an accurate result.

What does it measure?

DermoSensor is capable of analyzing the 7 most representative parameters of skin health: Hydration, Wrinkles, Acne, Spots, Pores, Keratin and skin type.

Expert-Pro version: Optionally we have an Expert-Pro version with added measurements: Blackheads, Skin Sensitivity and skin tone.


DermoSensor is capable of analyzing the 5 most representative parameters of hair health: Hair loss, Thickness, Sensitivity, dead cells and density.