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Body Composition Analyser U310

The Charder U310 body composition analyser offers a full body measurement system in a portable device, increasing accessibility and convenience.

Results are synchronised with the Charder ProScan application for as many users as needed, making results management easy!


The body composition analyser provides key results on:

Body composition
Results on body water, bone mass, etc.

Segmental and whole-body muscle measurements of the body, allowing imbalances to be detected and training to be adjusted.

Assesses body fat using multiple key indicators. In addition to whole body fat, it also provides results for all four limbs and the trunk, as well as visceral fat in the abdominal area.

Analysis of body type
Assessment of body fat and muscle balance, with evaluation and recommendation based on the results.

Tracking history
Save as many results as necessary, with a quick comparison with the previous result, making it easy to track changes and progress.