Classic Scale

Classic Scale

The Classicdavi scale combines the design and functionality of classic needle scales with the latest technology. Its metal frame and attractive 8.0″ “colour display with graphics” make it ideal for pharmacies and public places.


  • Tecnología: electrónico
  • Aplicaciones: de farmacia
  • Sistema de visualizacióncon indicador digital
  • Configuración: de columna
  • Function. with BMI calculation
  • Weighing capacity:

Mín.: 2,5 kg (5,51 lb)

Máx.: 225 kg (496,04 lb)

  • Precisión de lectura: 50 g (1,7637 oz)



Product Functions

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Calculation of body mass index
  • Cut of the ticket with the results of weight, height and BMI.
  • Possibility to personalise the ticket with your logo 8.0″ colour display with graphics and interactive guide.
  • Possibility to personalise the advertising display with the logo of your pharmacy or business.