mySkin F.A.I.N Skin Analyzer

The Selfie
Full facial AI Skin Solution.
The Smartest technology.


mySkin F.A.I.N. is a game changer. This smartest AI skin solution brings science to home by providing professional-grade results based on your full facial analysis led by the lighting and AI-powered technology.



#Features Contactless, yet Powerful

This simple, non-skin contact device is the smallest of its kind but provides top notch analysis accuracy with up to 11 measurements;

Moisture, Sebum, Oiliness, Pore, Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Hyper, Pigmentation, Redness, Porphyrin, Dullness

With a full face image capture, the solution can provide overall facial analysis information using not only PPL(normal lights), but also Cross Polarized light, and UV light. It gives dynamic skin.

Result that can only be measured with specific light conditions unlike phone based or contact measurement.


Micro compact, Multi-functional

The portable and light-weight features allow you to keep track of your skin data anytime, anywhere by connecting to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi synchronization.

  • Convenient to travel around
  • Optimal for space usability, even for professional purpose in stores
  • For self-diagnosis and customer services

From home for self-diagnosis to professional consultation in various occasions including salon, spa, cosmetology and retails, this multi-functional device helps to get a complete picture of your skin condition.


Easy setup
Automatic sync via Bluetooth

The fast, simple, no-contact device provides an automatic sync with the mySkin F.A.I.N. app for home use or Dermofain for Professional use, available on iOS and Android. In the app, you can find services;

  • Analysis report and history
  • Product recommendation linkage
  • Share result via e-mail/SNS
  • Cloud analysis


Excellent value for money, Eco-friendly

This user-centric full facial analyzer offers a very competitive price, the industry lowest by far, up to 166% less expensive, while ensuring the same quality of service in its kind. It will meet your expectation in every angle.

We also take responsibility for environmental sustainability and act from small steps by reducing plastic use. With the smallest size, mySkin F.A.I.N. reduces its use of plastic by 85% but keeps state-of-the-art quality and service.