Measuring baby length is as easy as laying them down on top of the HM110M Infant Measuring Mat. The soft, flexible, vinyl mat is printed on both edges with measurements available in centimeters and inches. The rigid footboard folds to the bottom of the infant’s feet, and works with the headboard to ensure accurate measurements, with instructions printed directly on the mat.

Professionals will appreciate that the Infant Measuring Mat is portable, lightweight, and easily stored.

Product Specifications

Capacity 10-110 cm (3.9-43.3 inch)
Graduation 5mm (1/4in)
Dimensions 1400 (L) x 300 (W) mm
55.1 (L) x 11.8 (W) inch
Device weight 0.4 kg

Product Functions


  • Graduation in inches and centimeters along both edges for easy viewing
  • Non-toxic and safe for baby skin
  • Can be cleaned with medical detergent
  • High-quality screen print
  • Instructional diagram printed directly on mat